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Hinds County

This county named after a hero from the War of 1812 is the most populous in the state with around 245,000 residents and it is the third largest county of Mississippi. Hinds County is the proud home of the Mississippi State Capitol and many other interesting sites in the country.

Sites and Services

  • Arguably Mississippi’s most historic building, the Old Capitol Museum (link: http://mdah.state.ms.us/oldcap/) has received many excellent reviews among tourists and residents. The building itself has many momentous memories but the exhibits within make the establishment more interesting and fun. It is a great place to learn, free for everyone and conducts tours which can be scheduled in advance for groups of ten or more.
  • “How do you zoo?” Visiting The Jackson Zoo is both a recreational and educational experience. Aside from the typical visit, they also host summer camps for children that provide varying adventures, from behind-the-scenes-tours to ocean diving. Know more about this extraordinary zoo here (link: http://jacksonzoo.org).
  • The Mississippi Department of Human Services is an extremely helpful and charitable institution located in Jackson that aims to provide economic assistance, child support and child care to the residents of the state. You will find different programs for adults, families and providers on their website (link: http://www.mdhs.state.ms.us/) where you can also access some additional links to guide you through your particular concerns.
  • The Methodist-Baptist-Presbyterian culture prevails in the state of Mississippi but of course there is more than enough room for Catholic and other churches as well. Prominent houses of worship in Hinds County include the Cathedral of St. Peter the Apostle (link: http://cathedralsaintpeter.org/ ) located in Jackson, the United Missionary Baptist Church (link: http://www.unitedbaptistms.org) in Edwards, and the Springridge Pentecostal Church (link: http://newbirthchurchclinton.org/) in the town of Raymond.
  • Finally, the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science (link: https://www.mdwfp.com/) is another fantastic location to learn more about the importance of understanding bio-diversity and preserving Mississippi’s natural environment.
  • A site not only for baseball games but also for concerts, the Smith-Wills Stadium in Jackson has been a popular spot for locals since 1975. It has been the stadium of choice for many teams and remains a neighborhood favorite. and it will surely be missed.

Hinds County MS Real Estate and Homes for Sale in Hinds County MS

There are still so many beautiful sites to explore in this wonderful county of Mississippi. Hinds County is a peaceful suburban environment with people rich in values and respect for one another.

Any prospective homeowner would be lucky to find call themselves Mississippian’s but those who choose to reside in Hinds County might just be the luckiest of all.