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Schools: Hinds County

Moving to a new city means uprooting a lot of your routine. From looking for a new job, a new park to walk your dog in, a new grocery store, and even a new coffee place to hang around at, can all prove to be a challenge. However, if you have a child, one of your top priorities is to find a good school for him. Schools that will give him the best possible education, expose him to peers that would encourage and bring out his best, and is also, hopefully, just close by from your new home.

In Hinds County, Mississippi the option for schools are varied and address all educational levels from primary school up to the university level. As the third largest county in the state, with a population of over 200,000 people, Hinds County is able to provide a number of choice schools that cater to the needs of the residents as well as neighboring counties as well.

There are a total of 11 schools in the Hinds County school district that serve up to almost 7,000 students from kindergarten up to high school. Most schools in the area are religiously affiliated, usually of the Christian or the Baptist denomination. With a teacher to student ration of at least 15:1 this matches the state’s teacher to student ratio at the elementary level.

  • Central Hinds Academy – Offering classes from kindergarten to 12th grade, it offers a conducive atmosphere for its students with the right balance of academics and extra-curricular activities designed to mold its students into truly holistic individuals.
  • Raymond High School – With a rating of “Focus” from the State of Mississippi for the school year 2011- 2012, Raymond High School offers high school students excellent academic classes with an added highlight on their Air Force ROTC program that attracts students year after year.
  • Hinds Community College – Touted as the largest community college in the state of Mississippi, it is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools due to its excellent educational programs. It ranks as the 4th largest educational institution in the state with over 32,000 students in its academic, career/technical, workforce, secondary and adult education programs each year.

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