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Schools: Madison County

When moving from one town to another, many challenges and adjustments need to be faced. One of the most important decisions parents make in shaping the lives of their children is choosing the best school in the area with the highest level of education.

Making that choice can leave parents confused and sometimes there aren’t enough options in a specific county or city. This will not be an issue for those who choose to reside in Madison, MS. The county takes pride in their educational system and its ability to provide quality schooling through competent curriculums and programs.

  • Mannsdale Elementary School – Part of the Madison County School District, this 6-year-old establishment is one of the top schools in the area and the state of Mississippi. Promising excellence in academics, athletics and the arts, the school is equipped with various educational tools like research stations, an outdoor fitness station, and many different events geared towards your children’s improvement. Visit their website here (link: http://www.madison-schools.com/Domain/1449)
  • Germantown Middle School – Madison County bestows another “Mark of Excellence” to this famous school. With its great reviews and ratings, Germantown Middle School guarantees a high level of education that produces well-rounded youngsters, all ready to move on to high school with flying colors. Germantown Middle School (link: http://www.madison-schools.com/gtm) has impressed the entire county since 2006.
  • Madison Central High School – This is one of the four largest public high schools in MS and has earned the highest level of accreditation given by the Mississippi Accountability System. It has won ten consecutive Academic Decathlon state championships and has even been shortlisted as one of the “Top Ten Best High Schools in America” according to Redbook magazine. Several professional football players have graduated here including Tennessee Titans’ offensive lineman Chris Spencer. Learn more about the Jaguars here (link: http://www.mcjags.com/site/default.aspx?PageID=1548).
  • Germantown High School – The newest addition to the Madison County’s excellent line-up of schools.   http://www.madison-schools.com/ghs

These are just a few out of the many wonderful schools in Madison. Each institution and school district has their own traditions, all based on honorable Southern principles and values.



St. Joseph Catholic School

St. Andrew’s Episcopal – Ridgeland Campus

Madison Ridgeland Academy

Colleges (Higher Education)  in Madison County

Holmes Community College

Tulane School of Continuing Studies – Madison Campus

Delta Technical College