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Schools: Rankin County

This half-rural, half-urban county east of Jackson City is ready for full of progress. Many of its neighborhood counties are continuously flourishing and Rankin just might beis doing the same. Many new homeowners are now deciding to take a chance onexpand into Rankin County, especially because of the wonderful school system plus the new schools in this part of Mississippi.

Rankin County School District is home to nearly 19,500 students and 3,000 employees. The District has 28 schools in eight attendance zones, making RCSD the third largest school district in Mississippi.

Each year the quality of classroom instruction increases in rigor and quality, and we are honored to have more National Board Certified teachers than any other district in Mississippi and among the highest in the nation. Last year’s graduating seniors received a record-breaking $31 million in scholarship offers!


  • Highland Bluff Elementary – Highland Bluff Elementary School is a public school in Flowood, Mississippi. It has 708 students in grades K-5. According to state standards, 79% of students at this school are considered proficient in math and/or reading.
  • Stonebridge Elementary School – This school is the perfect choice for parents who want their children to be excellent not only in academics but also in adjusting well to society and becoming an active member of the community. The school uses common core standards that aim to prepare students for real life experiences. These standards would guide them to becoming exemplary citizens of the US.
  • Florence Middle School – All students in this community are encouraged towards positive behavior and academic excellence. The philosophy “No excuses. No explanations. Whatever it takes!” is what drives the Florence Middle School Eagles towards productivity and success. There are many learning tools that make it easier for students, parents and the staff to work together for the best learning experience possible.
  • Pelahatchie High School – One of the best schools in East Rankin County, Pelahatchie High has achieved recognition since 2012 to 2014 from UsNews.com, a highly-recognized publication that provides rankings for schools, hospitals and cars all over the country. It has received countless awards from different bodies, making it the pride of Rankin County. Its excellent performance is the result of high standards in technology, curriculum and staff. All members of the community focus on unlocking a student’s full potential through the perfect balance of firmness and understanding, along with state of the art equipment and a good educational environment

There are still numerous schools that are full of potential in this side of the Magnolia State. Rankin, MS is a county that has a lot of excellent schools that give as much importance to values as they do to education.

Upper Education in Rankin County

Hinds Community College – Rankin Campus