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If you’re thinking about moving to Mississippi, specifically the Central Mississippi area, call us for a FREE Relocation Package. We’ll send you information about local events, recreational associations, children’s sports, pet groomers, art communities, and places of worship. The agents at Marketplace live local and they know local. Let us know when you will be in town and we will schedule a comprehensive Area Tour. A great way to learn more about our area amenities and where you would prefer to live before you make a home purchase.

Another thing about relocation is if you have a great agent you trust helping you sell your home, your trusted agent can contact us to make sure we are what we say we are. We want you to feel good about our services, our knowledge of the area and our expertise about Mississippi real estate. We will also pay your agent a referral fee. Having a contact ahead of time will help cut down on confusion, will find professionals you can trust for any special needs you have, and be the first to welcome you to our great state.

What if you’re moving out of Mississippi. What if you don’t know anyone or the area you are moving to? We can help with that as well. We network with expert agents all over the country. We can do the preliminary work in making sure you are in the hands of an agent that knows the area and will take good care of you as you move into a new city.

  • Hire a reputable moving company. Sometimes, we opt to choose subpar services because it costs us less. Moving to a new state is a big job, and you can only trust pre-screened, bonded, and licensed moving companies that offer full moving services. Ask for quotes from their customer service representative. Getting a professional moving company to help you relocate will help ease your mind through the whole process.

Transportation in Mississippi

Getting in and out of Mississippi isn’t as hard as some people expect it to be. There are four major thoroughfares that run through the state: I-10, I-20, I-55, and I-59. Another great thing about these state roads is that they run through several major cities in the state (as well as small towns), so if ever you need to travel from one Mississippian city to another, you can just take the Interstate. In Central Mississippi you are just a few hours from the Gulf Coast, from New Orleans, from Memphis or from Birmingham.